Who Are We?

A common need that continues to be prevalent revolves around being connected and having reliable access to information. Recognition has allowed Techies Direct to advance its clients into a position that allows stability and growth from our expert advice and craftsmanship. Our core values stem from years of knowledge, experience and dedication to the field of Information Technology. Our engagement starts and continues with you.

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Our History

Originating for many years in the Information Technology Sector developing custom software solutions, we have dealt with many of the intricacies of rolling-out new solutions, enhancements and supporting equipment. Our natural progression of over the years has lead us to focus our service offerings on our key strengths of IT Infrastructure which is essentially the backbone of all solutions.

Why Work With Us?

Personal Service

Many of our customers appreciate the higher level of attention they receive from our staff as we continually strive for quality services over quantity.

Dedicated Representatives

Each client is provided with a single dedicated representative to manage the account and service offerings. We remove communication barriers and support our customer needs effectively and efficiently.


Every service is made with the client in mind and in a timely manner. Operations usually continue beyond the 9-5 day-to-day and many services are therefore provided to suit.

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